Protecting Premium Brands from Counterfeiting in China

What Do We Do?

Our team works with trusted brands across multiple industries to embed secure authentication technologies, such as unclonable NFC chips, into their products.

The consumer can use our app and scan the chip with their phone to verify the authenticity of the product. After scanning, the app also shows engaging brand content and/or gives consumer rewards.

We help brands educate their customers about the authentication process using localized platforms, such as WeChat and Weibo in China where counterfeiting is most prevalant.

How Does PureMark Help My Brand?

Protect Brand Image

from poor quality knockoffs. Consumers mistakenly purchasing knockoffs may attribute the poor quality to the brand.

Increase Market Share

by recouping sales lost to counterfeiters. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product when the authenticity is guaranteed.

Direct Marketing Channel

to end consumers which safeguards and enhances the shopping experience.

Identify Grey Markets

by collecting data such as scan locations.

Let's Chat

We're looking to onboard a few more brands for our pilot in June 2019. If your company experiences serious challenges with counterfeiting or grey markets, we'd love to discuss how we can customize our technology to your needs. Contact us through the form below or send an email to